Results With No FedEx Route Broker Fees

What's included in The Route Hub's Services?

In exchange for a Flat Fee Listing Agreement and our $1,250 Flat Fee, the following services are provided:

  • Creation of Sale Listing Prospectus.  The listing prospectus is designed to give the prospective buyer as much information about your sale as possible.  It is based on data you provide to us and is the first thing a prospective buyer receives.  The use of a listing prospectus provides the prospective buyer much of the data they desire at the onset.  It is appealing both visually and in content layout.
  • Listing Service on National Business for Sale Sites.  We post your FedEx Routes for Sale or Linehaul Runs for sale on national business for sale websites using the data you provide us.  
  • Processing of Initial Prospective Buyer Inquiries - Keeping You Confidential. All prospective buyers initially contact The Route Hub first and not you.  

Ready to Sell Your FedEx Routes ?

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Sample Flat Fee Agreement

Want to review our agreement? Please click download below for a sample.  

Sample Flat Fee Listing Agreement (pdf)