About the Route Hub


Revolutionizing the Route Sale Industry - Sending Brokers Packing !

Just as the Real Estate Industry has transformed over the past several years to flat fee services and significantly reduced commissions, the Route Hub is doing the same.  This Digital Age has brought about significant efficiencies in the sale of Routes.  Brokers used to have significant costs related to ads in newspapers, cold-calling buyer lists via telephone, and attending buyer conferences.  That was the 80s and 90s.  In today's Digital Age, online advertising, forums, social media, and other internet based innovation has dramatically reduced costs.  Oddly, Brokers are still charging the same 10-12% commissions they charged in the 80s and 90s, but now reaping tremendous profits.  Why should you permit this?  Just as the Real Estate Industry hasn't tolerated it anymore, you shouldn't tolerate it in the Route Sales industry.  Engage The Route Hub today to sell for a flat fee of just $1,250.